The SONS OF CROM raised their banner for the first time in January 2014. In Haparanda, the northernmost part of Sweden, Janne Posti and Iiro Sarkki joined forces to fulfil their vision of epic metal tunes with grandiose lyrics. Drawing inspiration from Nordic mythology, heroic cinema and Quorthon’s undying legacy, this two-piece tour de force carries the torch of honour and glory into the murky gloom of future.

The band’s first recording, the “Victory” EP, was released on January 10th of 2014. The CD pressing sold out in a matter of days. Songwriting and more studio sessions ensued, and by April 2014, SONS OF CROM finished the recording, mixing and mastering process of their debut full-length album, “Riddle of Steel”.

In May 2014, SONS OF CROM engaged in a co-operation with eminent French label DEBEMUR MORTI PRODUCTIONS. A two-track teaser digital EP entitled “Conqueror” was released in July 2014, and, on September 12th, SONS OF CROM’s debut album, “Riddle of Steel” saw the light of day as a Digipak CD (and a limited edition LP in October). The 7-track, 42-minute full-length epic is filled with both anthemic hymns, thrashing brutality, soaring atmospheres and danceable folk tunes, all with the valiant and magniloquent aura intact. “Riddle of Steel” garnered very positive reviews and feedback from press and fans alike, and made appearances on several yearly “best of” lists, including Finland’s no. 1 metal magazine Inferno’s “Top 10 Finnish albums of the year”. SONS OF CROM were featured in several major European metal magazines, including Terrorizer,, Close-Up Magazine and the aforementioned Inferno.

In late 2016, having nearly completed the recording of their sophomore album, SONS OF CROM allied themselves with Swedish NORDVIS PRODUKTION, the ideal label in many regards and perfectly in tune with Janne’s and Iiro’s mindset and artistic vision. Winter solstice and new year’s birth saw the album finished, mixed and mastered, and on August 18th 2017 “The Black Tower” was released. This esoteric sophomore album reaches for the stars and beyond, with acrid blackness and somber folky acoustics fusing with the SONS’ larger-than-life heavy metal tinged with doom and pagan flavours.

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