Debut album “Riddle of Steel” details unveiled

The artwork and full tracklisting of SONS OF CROM‘s upcoming first opus, “Riddle Of Steel“, are now revealed.

Described as a fantastic mix of different influences among which we could mention BATHORY, ARCTURUS or ENSLAVED, “Riddle Of Steel” is the tragic, grand tale of a lone warrior’s fate in this world and beyond. The dramatic atmosphere of this archaic saga is portrayed by genre-defying songs that take the listener on a journey through grandiose sceneries, barren wastelands and vast halls of the slain, filled with epic heavy metal, thrashing brutality, classical moods, folky acoustic interludes, soaring melodies, and much more.

Riddle of Steel” track listing :

1. Myrkrarfar
2. Master of Shadows
3. Golden Gates
4. Call of the Black Mountain
5. Cimmerian Dance
6. Victory
7. Seven Spells (The Riddle of Steel)

The stunning artwork was conceived by the talented Helgorth from Babalon Graphics (BLUT AUS NORD, BEHEXEN etc.)

Riddle of Steel


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